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Key information

  • At least 3 players with Slovenian nationality. The remaining two players with Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovinian, North Macedonian, Serbian, Kosovan, Austrian, Italian or Hungarian nationality – but all of them must attend the live event in case of qualification, with the same line-up as they qualify.
  • Prize money €2000 gross, divided among the top 3 (1250, 500, 250).
  • All players must play from the Game Gang Show 2024 big stage if they qualify for the final event.
  • The tournament format consists of a series of open qualifiers, in which the top 5 teams qualify for the league phase, where 14 rounds of matches will be played in a double round-robin system. After this, the play-offs will decide the Grand Final and the Third Place match, which will be played live from the Game Gang Show 2024.

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    Tournament Rankings

    and live streaming

    The qualifiers will not be broadcast live.

    This content will be updated before the start of the final tournament.