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Programme of events

and timeline

Not sure which day to come to the event yet? Interested in knowing when most of the action will be?

All three days of the Game Gang Show 2024 will showcase only the best of the digital entertainment world.

You will be able to follow the best e-sports players in the country, find out what’s new at the content panels, meet a whole host of influencers, try out all the latest gaming gear, games and technology, as well as compete against other visitors in a number of challenges for great prizes.

If you only have one day, see the schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday below.

Roadshow events

A series of promotional events in shopping centres across Slovenia, where you will experience a small slice of the action that awaits you at the Game Gang Show 2024!

Try your hand at racing on high-end racing simulators, experience new worlds on the just-released Meta Quest 3 virtual reality systems, look back on retro consoles, challenge your friends in the world’s most popular shooting and sports video games.

You can meet Slovenian gaming influencers and have your picture taken with popular cosplayers, and there will be a range of prize challenges, tests and more!

Where will we be and when?

Big Bang Mega BTC Ljubljana

Saturday, 13. January 2024 from 10. until 19. hours

Aleja Ljubljana

Saturday, 3. February 2024 from 10. until 19. hours

Park centre Koper

Saturday, 2. March 2024 from 10. until 19. hours

Europark Maribor

Saturday, 17. February 2024 from 10. until 19. hours


Saturday, 16. March 2024 from 10. until 19. hours

Content programme


Friday, 5th April 2024


Conversations on artificial intelligence

Participated by:Ljubljana Technology Park


Talk: the Slovenian Vtubers present themselves

Contributors: content creators shikiwoo and Aria


Finals broadcast from the main stage

Counter Strike 2


Saturday, 6th April 2024



Slovenia Games, Outfit7


Discussion: the Hidden Podcast

Participants: Kaya Solo, ScorpLZ


Presentation. when can we expect a robotic assistant?

Tilen Tomazin, owner of Institute 4.0 – a leading school for robotics, technology and programming
Description. But they are rarely seen outside the industry. When can we expect robotic assistants to look after us, cook for us and deliver parcels? This very interesting topic will be the focus of this interactive lecture, where we will show some interesting robots.


Introduction: a few words about cosplay

Participate:On the border of the invisible


Finals broadcast from the main stage



Sunday, 7th April 2024


Conversation: health and gaming are not opposites

Matej Lunežnik, sports psychologist and therapist and Domzzy, content creator


Download the final

League of Legends

We reserve the right to change the programme.

Main Stage

To be published soon.

Meet & Greet

To be published soon.